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Performances By Children,
For Children
Children five years and older are invited to
participate in the  Student Performances
that include class demonstrations and
choreographed dances, usually set to a
story.  Students are not required to
perform but encouraged to do so. Class
time is dedicated to the further
development of the curriculum with an
extended study that becomes a dance for
the student performance.
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Edward Boilini
Bonnie and
Meredith Dincolo
of Hubbard Street
Dance Company  
In Residence: Michiana Dance Ensemble
Bonnie, Robert
Swinston and David
Vaughn of the
Merce Cunningham
Dance Company

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Bonnie Boilini Baxter inducted into the Community Hall of Fame
"Bonnie has been an inspiration and the moving force for dance in the
South Bend area for almost 40 years. She is a founder of the Southold
Dance Theater in South Bend. In 1975 she opened the Dancenter in
Granger, a studio dedicated to training both modern dance and ballet. Ms.
Baxter, who grew up in North Judson, was named artistic director of
Southold in 1982 and held that position for many years. In that capacity,
Ms. Baxter developed youth concerts, performing for thousands of school
children each year. For many of the children, it was their first experience
with dance. She used live music through collaborations with the South
Bend Symphony Orchestra
Elkhart Symphony Orchestra
South Bend Regional Museum of Art
Firefly Festival, South Bend Heritage Foundation and other organizations."
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Michiana Dance Ensemble
Performed At Wellspring's RadFest
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Everyone Moves -- Classes for All Ages
As we move through space in time, everyday we
dance.  A movement experience at an early age
can enrich and encourage the natural mover in all
of us. Children are wondrously creative. Dance can
further stimulate self expression, employing both
the body and the mind. Creative movement for
children encourages the ability to focus, increases
discipline and develops body awareness
and alignment.
Creative Chaos!
Mondays and Thursdays 9:00 to 12:00 (6 – 12 year olds)
9:30 to 11:30 (3 – 5 year olds).    
The older group will start the mornings with a fun 30 minute Conditioning class
that will include stretching, cardio, and core strength building.  Then it is off to
Drawing and Experimenting with various styles with pencil and focus.  Under the
direction of two of our faculty members we will explore the muscles in our legs
and our recovery heart rate as well as making a glow bottle, making lava in a cup
and cleaning pennies.  The morning ends with 30 minutes of Spanish, including
games and songs.  
The younger group begins their morning with a Movement/Dance Sampler class,
followed by Art, making stick puppets, a mask and more, then on to Dance Me a
Story and finally Spanish fun.